25.08.2013 Emily Cortez

Black Van Falls Off Campbelltown Bridge

On the 22nd of August, five people in a black van were driving through Claymore just all casual with their maccas. Suddenly on Campbelltown bridge they saw a toddler standing in the middle of the road. Ben, the driver of the black van, stopped and walked towards the toddler. The toddler then turned around and Ben relised he was a midget. Not so suprisingly he offered Ben drugs, Ben replied with a 'No Thanks, get off the road!!'. The midget told Ben to get out of Claymore because something was about to happen. Ben wondered what happened, and the midget said 'I'll never tell...' in a unusual creepy tone and runs away. A bus swerved around the midget and lost control, swerved past Ben and hit the black van. The black van falls off the bridge, and some scattered around Claymore springs. Some landed into the trees and the others stayed on the bus and floated down a stream.