A PROUD Picture

Snapshot of March 22-27

Anne Update

As you saw in the Remind message, another good sign from follow up appointment with the surgeon! Pain and discomfort are the big things she is working through right now. Say a couple prayers for Anne with that in mind as well as the ability to give herself the time she needs to heal! We all know the fighter that Anne is!
The Science of Happiness - If You're Happy and You Know It

The Science of Happiness

I couldn't resist sharing another one of these videos. This one does not cause tears! I promise! I can't emphasize enough the power of our togetherness when it comes to our happiness and satisfaction with our work! Our support systems vary, but the importance of our relationships together here at work are vital! Remember the task as well as the challenge from our faculty meeting:

  • Task: Write at least 2 Heart at Works!
  • Challenge: Deliver it and read it to the recipient!

ObSuessed with Reading

Hey crew! Keep encouraging those reading logs in your newsletters and communication with our families! Only had one staff posts (and it wasn't even me...I'm a little ashamed that I did not post myself!)! So congrats to Ms. Hill! Holler at me and tell me when you would like a duty covered!

Guess what(s) & reminders!

  • Guess what!? It's that time! Please start to complete your PDAS parts II & III in Eduphoria. Keep in mind this helps Anne and I fill in the gaps from what we haven't seen in classroom visits. The more information you provide, them better overall feedback we can provide. Complete by Monday, April 6th.
  • Wall coverings - it is that time of year! 3rd and 4th grade teachers, please have classroom and your hallway displays covered before leaving on Friday. If you happen to have a hallway display in other parts of the main hallway, we will have volunteers helping us with those portions on Thursday and Friday.
  • Please take a few moments to complete our district campus and district surveys. Those have unique log-ins so go back and check your e-mails. Also please put a reminder in your newsletters for your parents.
  • Don't forget about Skyping with Anne during her absence! Anne is watching e-mail so let her know when you'd like to have her! Via Skype or Google Hangouts you can do some pretty amazing learning related things! Have her read a book! Let us know how we can help!
  • After personal days are approved, be sure to get them on the new personal day calendar on the collaboration site!
  • Please be sure to display your jeans pass when you wear jeans!

What's A Happenin'

March 16 -

March 17 - TELPAS Reading Testing, Transfer Fair

March 18 - TELPAS Reading Testing

March 19 - Leadership Team Meeting

March 27 - Talent Show

Eagle Bucks to...

Karen for jumping in with both feet and being such a great help and support! She has not hesitated to offer her services and we appreciate the experience she brings! She has been totally determined to find ways to serve and meet needs!

Kim T., Patricia & Julie O. when you have a moment or two go check out their rooms, set ups and ask them a question about what they are doing. They are providing varied opportunities for their kids to meet their learning needs! Understanding of Others all-stars!