Hour of Code

2014 Version

The Hour of Code is Back!

Last year, during the month of December, there was a push to get 1 million students creating computer code in schools. It was a chance to introduce kids to the world of computer programming. Participating in the Hour of Code is easy to do. All you and your students have to do is click on the link at the top of the Student Portal. Watch the videos and follow the directions. You never know, playing the Hour of Code game just might ignite an interest in programming for the next Bill Gates of Steve Jobs.

Please take a few minutes during the week of December 8 - 12 to intro the Hour of Code to your students. You can do this in the Computer Lab or on classroom computers. There are games for all grade levels to play. All you have to do is show your students the link at the top of the Student Portal. The game for grades K-2 has no videos and is great for non-readers. In the games for grades 2-5, students MUST watch the video segments to understand what to do. There are hints that pop up that help the students. Students will need to READ the pop up messages in order to figure out what to do. This is a fun and easy Computer Lab lesson for students. If a student makes it all the way to the end of the game, there is a certificate that they can print out.

This activity was very popular last year and the students loved the coding games. I will also add a couple of additional games for students to play once they finish the Frozen game. I will leave the Hour of Code links on the student portal until the end of the month. The goal is to have students spend one hour next week learning to use computer code. I will also place the Hour of Code link on the school website Resource page so students can access it from home.

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The Hour of Code Game is Also Available on the School iPads. Search for "Hour of Code" and "The Foos" (lower grades).

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