Converse's Team Update, Dec. 11

We are one team, with one mission, to be our best together!

Elf the movie: Santa Announcement

Celebrations and "family/team" updates!!!!

  • Sorry, I hadn't changed my statement about not having any more birthdays through the end of the month when we moved into December. We have birthdays! Join me in wishing Deb McFarland a happy birthday on Monday, the 14th!
  • Next week's special days thanks to the office staff: Monday-Hot chocolate/Tea Day (bring a dozen cookies to share); Tuesday-Hidden Elf Day ; Wednesday-Ugly Sweater/Selfie Day ; Thursday-PJ/Polar Express Day; Friday-Christmas Breakfast.
  • We received a thank you letter from the Grant County Veterans Service Office thanking us for participating in this year's Military Appreciation Week by sending cards and letters. I have put the letter in the lounge. Thanks!

Team Announcements

Items in bold print and underlined are new to announcements.

  • NEW - If you took a yearbook from those that were in the lounge please return it to Valree this week. Thanks!
  • I was asked to remind everyone that if you are reserving the van or SAV1 for professional development, please make sure to contact Jennifer McClain at the admin. bldg. That is now her responsibility. Thanks!
  • Please be aware that the last December pay will be 12/18/15 and the first January pay will be 1/8/16. This means there will be three weeks in between. We want to make sure that does not come as a surprise to anyone.
  • Retirement Open House for Don McLain (Don has overseen bus maintenance for OH) on December 17th from 1:30 to 4:30 at the Admin Office. Feel free to run over during your specials if you would like.
  • Dec. Lounge Clean up crew: Kindergarten

Click on the video below (<2 mins.) for Kristina Smekens' thoughts on using clips of movies versus showing the whole movie. (except on Polar Express day)

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