Operation Uphold Democracy

Kayla Pilgram


Operation Uphold Democracy was the movement of forces to Haiti to support the return of Haitian democracy. The U.S.-led Multinational Force for Haiti on September 19, 1994 with the approval of the Security Council, which, at the same time, approved the follow-on U.N. operation.


In Haiti the leaders of government were not doing right for the country. With bad government, led to worse society in Haiti. The economy began to drop and people became more violent. The UN decided to jump in, even though not wanted by these leaders, and help restore a stable government in Haiti.

Forces in Haiti

The operation included a peace-keeping force of 20,000 U.S. armed forces to help restore government in Haiti and make it a safe environment for them. Over 5,000 non-U.S. forces from 24 nations assisted in the peace keeping mission.
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