The Bully Final Project

By,Paul Langan

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This is a book about a kid named Darrell. who lived in Pennsylvania. He has a big 6 ft tall friend named Malik. Darrell is moving in the middle of the high school year as being a freshman. Darrell is moving to California, There he will face new challenges. He is now living in a new place and he doesn't have the friend he had in Philadelphia. There he will be bullied by a kid named Tyray and his friend Rodney. His first day was a mess, He ate lunch by himself and he got bullied. The days past and things get harder. The only friend he had is a sweet girl named Amberlynn.

Things get better except for the fact that he now pays Tyray ten dollars every Friday. The good things are that he finds out Amberlynn likes him, he made another friend named Harold, he joined the wrestling team. Things are all shaping up for him. One day Tyray made Misses Bea,the custodian drop the mess that she picked up. Darrell told Tyray to help her clean up the mess but Tyray didn't listen. Then Tyray started making fun of Darrell. Darrel told Tyray to shut up.

Tyray was angry and the whole cafeteria went silent. Tyray struck Darrell in the face with his fist. Darrell decided not to fight him but to wrestle him. He did his favorite wrestling move and threw Tyray onto the cafeteria floor. Darrell broke Tyray's wrist and Darrell was sent to the office and he told how Tyray and Rodney bullied him, how he had to pay him every Friday. Tyray was expelled and Darrell was still able to go to school. Darrell had friends now and he can now go to school and not get bullied

Quote and Theme

¨Man, I can,t believe you're moving to California tomorrow.¨ This quote is important because it tells you the theme. It tells you what is going to happen in the story and you only have to barley read the first page. It tells you that Darrell is moving and how his friend Malik is bummed by how he is moving.
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Paul Langan

Paul was born in Phillidelphia, 1972. In 1991 he enrolled from Camden County Collage. A year in Camden he transferred to La Salle University. After Paul's graduation he decided to join Townsend Press (TP). After a little while Paul reconnected with the Bluford series. He wrote The Bully, Blood Is Thicker, Brothers In Arms, Summer Of Secrets, and The Gun. These books are based of of personal experiences like growing up without a dad and the other many challenges students face in school.

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