Room 4 News!

Great learning is happening at Grace

Making a committment

The children have been learning how to make a commitment each day. So far, they are choosing between quiet feet, listening ears, watching eyes, raising hands and keeping feet to themselves. Each day they choose something they want to focus on (a promise in their heart) and that is their commitment for the day.

Grandparents Day coming soon!

Tuesday, September 15 at 10:15-11:15 for AM class and 2:10-3:10 for PM class. Please join us in the classroom and onto the outdoor classroom as the children share their school and do activities with their grandparent (or special friend). You must fill out the volunteer survey in order to visit.

Some of the learning centers children are exploring:

puzzles, library, kitchen, blocks, fine motor, playdoh, dramatic play, writing, potato head, math

Skills we are introducing and practicing...

writing our names, reading our names, book handling (taking care of books and turning pages correctly), cutting, gluing, raising hand, sitting criss cross applesauce, cleaning up, sitting at circle time, listening to literature

Breathing Strategies we use to calm ourselves

Ask your child to show you how to do the drain, the balloon, the pretzel and the star. Shubert is a "friend" that helps us in the classroom and learn how to get along with others. He practices these strategies when he is upset or grumpy.

Bike a thon

You can still send in money for the bike a thon. After they have gotten this they will send home prizes. It might be a week or two. Kids had a great time, earned medals and had popscicles!