Anna Pavlova

A Famous Russian Ballerina done by alistair

Parsonel Life

Anna pavlova was a beautiful Russian ballet. she was female prima ballerina and was born in 1881 February 12th . She was the frist ballerina to have a tour around the world in 1911. Her breakthough

perfromance was in the Dying Swan in 1905, which became her signature role .She joined the Ballet Russe in 1909 and formed her own comparny in 1911 contracting double pneumonia in wile on tour (Anna Pavlova died in 1931 ).

early life Anna Pavlova was born Anna Metveyevna pavlovna Pavlova on february 12 1881 a cold and snowy wintes day in ST Petersbogrb(russia)

Quick facts about Anna Pavlova

Occupation, prime ballerina

Birthday February 12

Death January 23 1931

Imperial ballet school at the Mariinsky theatres

Birth St Petersburg Russia

Place of death the huge southernlands

the story of anna pavlova...

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