No more desertification!

End it!

Every ten seconds, a child died of hunger. 18.3 million people are at risk of dying in the Sahel because of famine. But, what causes famine? Desertification.

Desertification causes the ability of land to no longer; support life, do agriculture, and grow crops.

If we didn't stop desertification, people would have to constantly move around to find fertile land. But what if there was mo fertile land left? No water, no trees, and food, all because the land Africans live on can no longer support life.

Our organization will use the donation money to go to Africa, and teach the citizens how to take care of the soil. By putting nutrients in the soil, it will keep the soil from drying up, and turning into desert. By nutrient inch the soil, farmers also don't have to worry about if their crops so they can eat and sell food to make money.

This can also result into water scarcity. So if we all help stop desertification, we can help stop water scarcity, which is another big problem in Africa.

If we help stop desertification, we can save water. Water is in our bodies and everything we eat. So, if we stop famine, we would give people a cleaner water by eating.

Help stop hunger. Help stop water scarcity. Help save a life.