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Case: Megan Meier Case

Megan Meier had problems with ADD, depression, and issuies with her weight. A boy named Josh Evans asked her to be her friend in MySpace... They never met, but talked constantly. One day the messages from Josh strated getting cruel. This got to the point that he said the world would be a better place without her. Twenty minutes later Megan commited suicide. Later that fall, they found out Josh wasn't a real person. The account was from Lori Drew, Megan's ex-friend's mom...

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Rebecca Sedwick Case

Rebecca Sedwick was a girl from Florida that comitted suicide... The cause of this was cyberbullying. A 12 year old, and a 14 year old had cyberbullied her for a long time. One day her mother couldn't find her, and told the police. They found her dead on an abandoned industrial location because she jumped from there. There were a lot of problems due to the charges.


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Phoebe Prince Case

Phoebe Prince was a 15 year old victim of cyberbullying... She had just oved from Ireland, and in school she got insulted, and bullied. Th bullying coninued online in Facebook, Craiglist, Twitter, etc. She commited suicide two days before a school dance.
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History of the internet

In some point in time, there were machines made... Light, telphones, computer, etc. The cmputer was a very important one.In the computer, you could use e-mail.In compaqrison from the past, the internet is huge... Now, we have social media websites news, encyclopedias, books, and a lot of unbelievable things!

Message About Cyberbullying...

Bullying is something hard to deal with, but cyberbullying is even harder. Both things can lead to serious things like hurting themselves. And it can get to a point where someone takes their life... For the bully, it's easier, but not nessesarily to the victim... The bully feels stronger since they're facing a screen. The victim is recieving everything, and it can be as hurtfull as face to face. If you know about someone who is a cyberbully, stop them. And if you know about someone being cyberbullied, help them...

Help bullies and victims!

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