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December 2014 Newsletter!

Congratulations on an AMAZING November!!!

Wow!!! Congratulations on a great November! We had over 1.2 Million in team sales and many many designers had their highest sales to date! We also had many promotions and several ladies earned the Maui trip! Exciting news!! Please check all the posts below to see who promoted and our top sellers!!!

Moving into December it is time to think about 2015 and where you are headed with your Origami Owl business! What you do now affects your business in 90 days. You will want to be filling your January and February calendars now and you can do that by promoting Valentine items which will be revealed at January's SOAR events!! It is also a great time to be sharing at your Jewelry Bars the opportunity of O2! We have some really great and fun programs that will be coming in the new year. Origami Owl continues to raise the bar by constant review of designer feedback and improvement in their systems. Remember, we are still a growing baby company. But boy are we making giant strides and I can't wait for you to see what the new year brings!

I would like to take a moment to say that it has been such a joy and an amazing journey working with you all this past year. We continue to see growth and as you can see, our products are just simply beautiful. Every time I think the Nest can't possibly come up with something more impressive, they do. I could not do this alone and am blessed to have such committed leaders and directors to work with, as well as a field full of inspiring and giving designers. I truly believe we are the best team in Origami Owl. And while I don't want to sound competitive by saying that, I simply do feel you are the best! I hope you all have a wonderful December and enjoy the holidays with your families and loved ones. Thoughts and prayers to those that are missing loved ones or facing hard times during the holidays too.

Big Hugs,

Michelle Freatman

Senior Director, Team Freatman All Hearts

Holiday Gratitude for the Nest!

I am going to send a Thank You goody package to the Designer Care, Leadership Care, and if enough to the Warehouse Team for helping us through these great promotions the nest did this last week and for their support throughout the year. We have a really large team so if everyone would even consider sending $1 we could cover a lot of people. I will include everyone's name that donated on an email letting them know the gift is on the way. If you could please send your payment by December 5th paypal to If you do not have paypal and need to mail it, my address is 4068 Daniels Rd, Ransomville, NY 14131. Just shoot me a message letting me know you are mailing it. Let's be a Force for Good this holiday season!

If I have an leaders that would like to participate but would like their teams to be acknowledged - I would love to work together and will include your Team Name along on the email letting them know to expect the gift and who it is from and on the card with the gift. Just message me your Team Name and that you are all going to join in.

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Last Name First Name Achieved Title

Larry Cecilia Executive Team Leader

Prellwitz Stephanie Leading Designer

Dobbins Nancy Leading Designer

Gocker Sara Leading Designer

Slayten Dianna Leading Designer

Ludescher Barbara Leading Designer

McGInn Christina Leading Designer

Rajkowski Krystal Leading Designer

Honaker Debra Leading Designer

Hatfield Jordan Leading Designer

Ashmen Judith Leading Designer

Gallo Amanda Leading Designer

Ostrander Kristen Leading Designer

Rodriguez Ashley Leading Designer

Monast Ann Leading Designer

Reckley Alisha Leading Designer

Warren Ashley Leading Designer

Glinton Karen Leading Designer

Colon Angela Leading Designer

Edworthy Jennifer Leading Designer

Elwell Ashley Leading Designer

Isiminger Barbara Leading Designer

Bode Audrey Leading Designer

santiago jeanette Leading Designer

Nay Debbie Leading Designer

De Moya Ana Leading Designer

Dauzat Danielle Leading Designer

Shepherd Linda Leading Designer

Hempel Jenny Leading Designer

pranaitis katie Leading Designer

Fagan Leanne Leading Designer

Beverly Lorie Leading Designer

Clark Tonia Leading Designer

Salin Diana Leading Designer

Caldwell Cindy Leading Designer

tufino michelle Leading Designer

Morales Miguel Leading Designer

Sanchez Krystle Leading Designer

arellano teresa Leading Designer

Molina Anne Leading Designer

Marquez Brenda Leading Designer

Ochotorena Yolanda Leading Designer

Cooper Kerrie Leading Designer

Penner Sharon E Senior Team Leader

Martin Indiana & Ariel Senior Team Leader

Todd Tracie Senior Team Leader

Gordy Gina Team Leader

Fiore Michele Team Leader

Quattrini Katherine Team Leader

Way Teresa Team Leader

Lijeron Cecilia Team Leader

Pilgreen Michell Team Leader

West Jenna Team Leader

Chestnut Connie Team Leader

Using Holiday Sales to Grow Your Business!

This is a post taken from my blog, but I am sharing here because it has a great review of how to look for Jewelry Bars if you are just starting or looking to grow your business!!

Holiday Shopping is here! This is my favorite time of year as both a mentor and an Origami Owl designer!

In social selling, up to 70% of your income can be made during the holiday shopping season. Which is why this is the perfect time of year to capitalize on building your business. With our inspiring jewelry lines, you have the perfect gift giving opportunity to share! It never feels like I am trying to “sell” Origami Owl because it truly has so much meaning to the person that it is receiving it. It is a great feeling when you see the smile on their face or hear back from a customer how much they love it!

“I want to become an Origami Owl designer, but who do I approach about purchasing or having a Jewelry Bar?”

Your connections are endless, but sometimes it just takes a little coaching to realize that! One of the tools that we use to help you brainstorm your family, friends, and contacts is your ALICE list.

A Acquaintances ~ neighbors, coworkers, past neighbors, past coworkers, clubs and community contacts

L Livelihoods ~ manicurist, hairdresser, post office, bank tellers, realtors, cashier, flight attendant, dry cleaner, doctor, dentist, hygienists, office staff – the list is endless!

I. Inner Circle ~ family, friends, neighbors, relatives, church family, classmates

C. Children’s Contacts ~ sports moms, teachers, aides, dance instructors, PTA/PTO, rotors, bus drivers, babysitters, childcare workers

E. E-connections ~ Facebook friends, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, online hobby or special interest groups, Email lists

As you can see, once you start brainstorming, the possibilities are endless of who you can share your Origami Owl business with! Show your excitement as your enthusiasm is contagious, and it is easy when you have such beautiful and meaningful products to share!

“I have a thriving Origami Owl business and would like to move into mentorship, but where do I start?”

Don’t overthink it! You already love your Origami Owl items, now just start sharing the Gift of Origami Owl! Yes, it is that simple – it is a gift! You are sharing an opportunity with all of your contacts to make income by providing others with meaningful and inspirational gifts. Whether it be that they need some extra holiday spending money or they themselves are looking to grow a sustainable business, you have the gift of an Origami Owl business opportunity to offer to them. Mentoring means that you will be committed to teaching them how to get their business started by showing them all of the resources that Origami Owl has to offer, being there to guide and answer questions, empowering them with your guidance and support. By moving into mentorship, you have the opportunity to grow your own personal income by earning residual income off of your team’s sales. This is a percentage of their sales for doing your job as a mentor and is paid from Origami Owl. Think of yourself as a “manager” of your own team and businesses.

I already work a full-time job, would I have time to build an Origami Owl business?

The answer is YES! That is the best part of social selling. You work around your schedule and fit it into the nooks and crannies of your life. We also have the opportunity as an Origami Owl designer to an E-commerce site so that customers can order online. You can decide how many Jewelry Bars (Origami Owl parties) a month work for your schedule or even do online or virtual parties.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can make an income with Origami Owl. It is about finding what approach works best for you, your family, and your business!

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Fall Business Building

If you have joined us because you are wanting to grow your income and create your own business, you are going to love 4th Quarter. This is the season of highest growth in the party plan industry. You will create a great majority of your Origami Owl income during this last quarter because of holiday sales! Our custom jewelry makes the perfect gift. It is the time of year to share with everyone what you do. As Lynsey Jones says "if your business is slow, then not enough people know what you do". This is also the perfect time of year to grow your business because what a gift it is to share with someone our opportunity. It truly is about sharing and teaching others how they too can create an extra income or even evolve into a full time income. Along with this is sharing our new opportunity of health insurance. This is something that is new to Origami Owl. There are supplemental, major, dental, vision, and life options. To be eligible a designer has to maintain their active status. We currently have a 6 week training series, by Lynsey Jones of Party Plan Divas that was created for our team, running on our team Facebook page with incentives to win prizes. However you can also access this series anytime by going to the team website at (the password is: hearts) and then go under training. This is also a great place for our new designers to find training to help them get a strong start to their O2 business!
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