Hi I am Thomas and this is my fakeagram page. I don't know what hapend last night I think I was brain washed and I ended up in this maze with a bunch of people. They call themselves the gladers. In the maze they made a runner, it's someone who runs around the maze figuring out a way to escape. I spent a night in the maze once, never again will I do that.# HELP US!!!
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One of my hobbies is running. All day every day i am running through the maze trying to find a way out. i am running from all the greivers and have to make it back before dark. Another hobby i have is solving the problems of the maze. Everyday i have people asking me questions of why are we here. Also i have to unlock the secrets of the maze to escape. Since i have been here we have almost escaped the maze. #RUNNER
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1 month later

We have finally escaped the maze! We did lose some people like alby but in the end most of us are safe. Ending up this was a test to see our abilities to fight against a disease that has wiped out the world. It was called the flare. Ill keep my followers updated. #ESCAPED