Julie Andrews: Queen of Hollywood

By Abby Stamps


The lights come up; the curtains open. Julie Andrews is the pop culture artist of the 20th century. She has been a star since she was small and now she has a family, many books, awards and movies. She's not your average 80 year old!

Early Years

Julie was born October 1, 1935. She came from a musical family. Her mother was was a pianist and her step-father was a singer. In the late 1940's she starred in a musical called "The Boyfriend".

Worldwide Sensation

Andrews later became a worldwide sensation for her musicals and classic movies. A few are The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins and Camelot. She also won many, many awards and nominations for her acting and singing. She says " If you hold on to your words, your voice will pull you through when your singing." Thats one of her mottos and it has gotten her where she is today

Current Family

She also has 3 daughters , Emma, Amy and Johanna. Her husband Blake does movies with her. She currently writes books with her daughter. Some include' The Very Fairy Princess series, The Great American Mousical, and Little Bo in Italy.


Shes an actor, writer and singer with many fans and lots of love. She's the popculture artist of our century. She's not your average 80 year old!


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