Lets Start Donating to the Poor

come help the poor people and make a smile appear .

Lets Start Making the Poor Feel Better

Are you ready to change somebodys life? Lets start making the people who can't afford things get some stuff that they deserve. Those people on the streets who don't have a house go through more bad things then you having a bad hair day, school day, or work day. Some people don't even get to go on vacation because they don't have the money.

Make the Poor Happy

Start Making the Poor Feel Better

Do you know how much people don't focus on the people who are poor? To me I think its at least 20% of people. People are at 80% with caring more about adopting dogs but god wants everyone to live. Why are we caring about dog or adopting animals if you want your own kind to live? If you read this I want you to do something to make the world change. Donate anything you need to. And contact me using my email address down below.

Contact Me

Contact me and tell me what you did to make the poor feel better and you feel like a better person. You will know you did something great when you donate.