1920s Mass Media

By: Olivia Miller Jameson Brown, Bryce Brown


KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania thought to the first commercial radio station. After it had broadcast the results of the 1920 presidential elections, the radio sales to off making people have an inkling of what this new medium could do, david sarnoff had a huge impact into the development of the broadcast radio. Radio was first to be called “wireless” instead of using wires

Motion Pictures

First made in the 1890 but were silent but then they discovered on how to add sound to movies revolutionized the motion picture industry . This expand jobs for writers because of dialogue. Income for sales of tickets rose from $301 million to $721 million from 1921 to 1929

Movies also played a big role in popular culture in powerful way like radio

Charlie Chaplin was a silent film actor. The iconic character he played was Tramp. Even though Trampe was not a rich dude nor did he have a home, he has a suggested a spirit that bounces back from the most crushing defeats
Charlie Chaplin - The Lion's Cage