A Whirlpool Of Emotions

Timeline of Helena's Emotions/Relationships

Love can take you on a journey that will make you feel sad and confused, but it will always work out in the end.

Throughout the play A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, you see many journeys take place because of love, between many different people. In my opinion, it's kind of the basis for the entire play. As in, the play was caused by a couple taking a journey so that they could love each other without one being married to another. I was talking about Hermia and Lysander there for those who coulnd't tell. They're the ones who attempted to elope, but kind of failed at it. Another couple, Helena and Demetrius, went after them, since Demetrius was "in love" with Hermia, and Helena loved Demetrius. In the end, with a little help from some fairies, everyone was happy and in love with their respective lover. They all went through a journey to get their true love. For this playlist, I'm going to focus on Helena, the lover of Demetrius who had a rough start at first but eventually becae happy.
Marry You - Bruno Mars Lyrics

Track One: Marry You by Bruno Mars

So, before Demtrius "fell in love" with Hermia, they had a thing going on. In this timeline, this song represents the feelings of Helena and Demetrius towards each other at that time. Demetrius would probably serenade Helena with this song and make her swoon, all the stuff that girls in love do. The lyrics show how their love had (hopefully) no obstacles and such, how they didn't care what other people thought, they would do what they wanted for love.
Owl City - Vanilla Twilight LYRICS on screen [ULTRA HQ]

Track Two: Vanilla Twilight

After Demetrius left Helena for Hermia, she was undoubtedly sad that she would feel sad, right? If you love someone and you think they love you back, but then they leave you for someone else, especially your best friend, wouldn't you feel sad and stuff? It's not everyday that your heart gets broken but not heartbroken (she still loves him in that annoying way). So, Vanilla Twilight is the sad part of her emotions after Demetrius left her. The song kind of tells the after effect of someone after someone left them.

"When I think of you I don't feel so alone"

Helena was left all alone and it's not like she could go to Hermia since for one thing she was the person who Demetrius left her for, that would be kind of awkward, since Hermia hates him, Helena loves, not to mention the fact that Hermia had her own "forbidden" love life to worry about. So she thought of Demetrius to not be as lonely.

jaane kyun(audio)(DOSTANA)

Track Three: Jaane Kyun from Dostana

So you're probably wondering why I chose this song. Well, it's partly because of the fact that it's in Hindi and I'm pretty sure most of my classmates can't understand Hindi. If you can't understand it, then what are the chances that the charcters in A Midsummer Night's Dream would? If anything, they would misunderstand, or attempt to understand from the few English words spoken, and fail drsatically. This song symbolises the misunderstood love between Helena and Demetrius. It's not entirely misunderstood, but I believe that Demetrius took about the understanding of Helena's affections in the wrong way. That probably isn't the case, but it seems like there was some form of miscommunication between those two. Also, the English translation of Jaane Kyun makes a lot of sense in Helena's thinking of Demetrius. It basically is saying that as long as you are there, I'l be alright. As long as Demetrius is there, Helena's all right. I mean, she referenced herself to being his dog, one that sounded like they were abused no less. This song is more of a happy part of Helena and Demetrius' relationship at the time being, since it's after their parting but Helena still loves him as much as ever. She would probably either sing or listen to this song when she was feeling down, and needed to remember her true love, or something of the sort.
Taylor Swift - Better Than Revenge (Lyrics On Screen)

Track Four: Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift

Yes, this is the 3rd song just in that small time period before Hermia and Lysander go into the woods, but there's a lot of plot formation. In the play, Helena calls Hermia her rival even though they're kind of besties, and that got me thinking, "Does Helena now hate Hermia for kind of ruining her love life with Demetrius?" IF I'm right, then this song somewhat represents that. It talks about how the singer's boyfriend left her for another girl, and how the singer now hates that girl. Replace the names with the respective people and BOOM it all makes sense. Right after the place where Hermia and Lysander told Helena their plan would've possibly been the perfect time to kind of just have this song play in the background, giving an upbeat ish feel to all the seriousness at the time.
A Rocket To The Moon: Wherever You Go (Audio)

Track Five: Wherever You Go by A Rocket to the Moon

It's time for Helena and Demetrius to go through the woods! Yay! So the two people refferred to in the song are apart from each other, and the singer hopes that the other person is thinking about them and such wherever they go. The singer always keeps the other in their heart and thinks about them, so obviously he would hope the other person did the same. It's kind of like the situation of Helena and Demetrius, only Helena knows that at the time her afections aren't returned. If I think about , this song, Helena, and Demetrius , I can kind of imagine Helena trying to sing this to Demetrius singing this to him while he throws sticks and stones at her trying to make her shut up, but failing to do so until she's done, and even then, she asks for his opinion, and he tells her to be quiet.
Overjoyed- Bastille (Lyrics)

Track Six: Overjoyed by Bastille

This song is really about words . In the play, this is meant to represent how Demetrius doesn't really listen to her, and words are literally all she has because he wants nothing to do with her. All she can do is attempt to talk to him, though it never really works out in her favor. So if he does, she would be happy, right? Even if he didn't, she never let his words of harshness bring her down!
A Rocket To The Moon-Ever Enough Lyrics

Track Seven: Ever Enough by A Rocket to the Moon

Instead of representing just two characters, this song portrays three! As well as Demetrius, there is the addition of Lysander! So, this would take place after Oberon and Puck gave the two guys the flower juice, and they saw Helena. In an ideal world where I control everything, instead of them being all "I will fight you like a man for Helena", "You're going to have to kill me for it", they would have a sing-off! They would each sing it, certain parts together and stuff, and they would attempt to sabotage the other as they performed it for the lady in mention as she tried to wrap her head around what had happened. Then, my efforts to make it more musical rather than violent would fail, and then the play would resume as normal.

We The Kings: Say You Like Me (Official Lyric Video)

Track Eight: Say You Like Me by We The Kings

Helena is no doubt confused about the entire potion, flower juice, Cupid's arrow thing, and so in her mind, she would be going along with the lyrics of this song. She would be so bemused about the situation that she would want the people to just say it. Due to the fact that she doesn't have any clue about Oberon and Puck, she would probably just want them to say what they wanted to say. Obviously, this song might be Demetrius oriented since she loves him, not Lysander, but the message of just saying it goes either way.
Romantic flight - How to train your dragon - John Powell

Track Nine: Romantic Flight by John Powell

After the cure was given to Lysander, everyone is happy and full of love. Now, it has to be somewhat Disney style, but instead of breaking out into song, they break out into music! At least in my mind. As the name may suggest, the music is may be meant to portray a romantic sort of feel. However, you may interpret this any way you choose. I chose to think of it as a signal of a budding romance or something that signaled love. What other symbol of budding love or love is there than Helena and Demetrius finally getting together? It was about time. In the music, the calm beginning rising into the main part gives off a happy feeling to the song, one that is a symbol of joy, happiness, and prosperity in love.
32. Epilogue - Frozen (OST)

Track Ten: Epilogue (from Frozen) by Christophe Beck

This song is the happy ending of everything. Like all epilogues do, it provides a future for the characters. This upbeat ish track provides a happy life for all the charcters that will leave them with hopefully no regrets that they have't resolved. If you want to focus on Helena for this one as well, she's going to get married to Demetrius! Shocking, right. BUt it's a happy ending, which is a good thing, considering the sad endings to some of his other tragedies and such.
Bastille - Laura Palmer

Track Eleven: Laura Palmer by Bastille

My theme was how love can be a sad and confusing journey, but it all works out in the end. Now it's time to look at that in a whole. In a way, the entire journey idea is a symbol of the path people take to find themselves and their identity. But I'm not going to go into that entirely. The only way I know of that this song has been interpreted was that it's about people finding oneself. So, to conclude my playlist of A Midsummer Night's Dream, I want the person reading this to listen to Laura Palmer, and think about how this relates to love. How it could interpreted for love.

As this is my playlist that you probably aren't supposed to do any actual work on, here's how I thought of it, in terms of love in A Midsummer Night's Dream: at the beginning of the song, the journey starts, and you start to make rash decisions for love, However, as the song progresses, your journey faces obstacles that can be hard to break down, but you still have to go through them in some way. Once it gets to the part about shooting your gun, you have to make the desicion that will probably change your life forever, either fixing it or screwing it up. And by the end of it, your journey is close to the end, and you have to figure out what to do so that you can get what the journey was for: love.