by Andrea Sanchez

The Great Composer

Johannes Brahms was a composer he started at the age of 11. He was born in Hamburg Germany May 7 1833 . He died of cancer in April 3 1897 Vienna Austria at the age 64 . His musical time period started in 1853 and ended 1897 . He wasn't only a composer he also famous for doing wonderfull quotes such as "Without craftsmanship inspiration is a mere and he also wrote chamber music . Johannes Brahms was a director of a choral group and also did opera . His family was really poor . He was forced to play piano since his family was so poor. His father taught Johannes to play a double bass player .He had 2 siblings . His mothers name was Johanna Herika Chistaine Nissen and his father was Johhann Jakob Brahms.
Johannes Brahms - Hungarian Dance No. 5