January 5th-8th 2016

Welcome Back!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful break and plenty of time spend with friends and family over the holidays. Now things are back to normal and we can get back into the routine. Having a break is fun, but I personally love having a set schedule and agenda to follow.

Upcoming Important Dates:

Wednesday Jan. 8th- 1 hr. delay (Staff PD)
Thursday, Jan. 7th - 1:20-2:45 Eye Screening @ River Birch Elementary
Friday Jan. 9th - Report cards sent home
Monday, Jan. 18th - No School
Wednesday Jan. 20th - 100th Day of School (More info coming next week)
Monday, February 1st - Mrs. Horner returns! :)

What Are We Learning this Week?

Story: An Orange in January
(Where do oranges come from, what happens from the orchard to the grocery store?

Popcorn Word(s): with & he

Letters and Sounds: Rr

Math: Addition (Joining Groups)
We will be teaching and reviewing addition the entire month of January

Social Sciences: Basic States of Matter. Question: Why do snowmen disappear?

Writing: Practice using sight words to build a basic sentence.

*New* Kindergarten Homework, is it true?

Starting today Kindergartners received a zip lock baggie filled with a monthly calendar and a skilled book to their approximate reading level. They also took home a lined composition notebook. These 2 things will be used often for their homework assignments. Please read the directions at the top of the calendar and work with your child to help them accomplish these tasks each night. Tonight's homework is as simple as reading the small book to an adult. The notebook will be for written assignments starting tomorrow. Students may bring home the same book some weeks, it is good fluency practice for this age group.

**Note: Often students ask me how to spell words, and I mean OFTEN. Remember that they are still trying to figure out what sounds are attached to different letters, I suggest not spelling for them but instead guiding their thinking to help them spell on their own.(This will be hard)

If you have questions please email -
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