Hero Project


Introductory paragraph

Megan Drabant is an exemplary dancer. Dancing since she was very young, Megan has created a career out of her favorite thing to do: dance. She has teached and performed dance for many years, and she continues to instruct and execute it. Dance is one of her main interests and has been for a very long time. Megan is my personal hero because she has always inspired me to be like her. Her hard work and skillful dance moves has influenced me to become a better dancer and makes me want to improve faster.

Being a Hero

Being a Hero

The Webster online dictionary defines a hero as a person who is admired for great or brave acts of fine qualities. Heroes can be normal everyday people who do a simple act of kindness, like holding the door open, or a hero can be a person who saves someone from a car accident. Either way, heroes are people that put other people before themselves. Do heroes have to be someone like Superman or Iron Man? This is impossible and very unrealistic, and we actually see heroes every day in our lives. A hero that we see might be someone who simply lends you a pencil or compliments you on your outfit. Overall, a hero is a person who puts other people before themselves and influences people in a positive way.

A hero is a firefighter that puts themselves at risk to save others. Imagine a young man who is running into a house that is completely set on fire. His objective is only to save the people inside the house while putting his life at risk. Consider the intensity of walking into a burning house, hearing all the screams and smelling all the fumes around you. What must be going through that firefighters head in that situation? A firefighter is a hero because a firefighter is a person who puts other people before themselves. They are saving a person from possibly burning while at the same time risking their own lives. They have family and friends that care for them and still they are willing to risk their lives to save others. The bravery and sacrifice that firefighters have make them heroes.

A hero is a dance teacher who stays late to provide students needs. Imagine a dance teacher who has classes to teach for lots of hours straight, barely getting any time to rest, but stays late to help a student understand the steps better. Consider all the exhaustion and energy to be dancing for long periods of time and still have the courtesy of staying late to help a student. Can you imagine the dedication it takes to go above and beyond to help a student? The dedication that the dance teacher has is so strong that it will rub off on the student, the student will see that the teacher is taking time off their day just so they can see you succeed. This is very meaningful to the student and will influence them in a positive way.

A hero is someone who sacrifices themselves to benefit and inspire other people. A firefighter sacrifices themselves for other people's safety, and a dance teacher influences students learning. The core of being a hero is putting other people before themselves. Reflecting on what it means to be a hero, it is clear that many people in my life sacrifice and inspire me. This makes me want to do the same for others.
Passion Project

This is a video about how to make a gluten free cake, and my hero, Megan is gluten free. This video will show everyone who is gluten free, how to make a gluten free cake so in the future, they can enjoy treats just like everyone else.

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