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United Kingdom Vision Starts Now!

The United Kingdom is the start of the BORN II WIN international expansion into Europe. Through our director in the UK Trevor Carter, we have been able to get first hand information about how what BORN II WIN has done in the USA would be beneficial in the UK. At BORN II WIN, we understand that the United Kingdom already has some valuable programs in place for youth and young adults concerning empowerment. Our goal is to add to what is already there in order to create a platform to help young people reach any goals they may desire and grow beyond where they are currently. BORN II WIN's focus in the UK is personal and professional development. Our cornerstone is: there is no way to truly professionally succeed without the foundation of personal development. We teach young people how to make better decisions that lead to success in their everyday lives. Our youth must learn how to think through their situations in order to make better decisions concerning school, career, friends, and life’s daily challenges. Our job is to create the business savvy entrepreneurs and career leaders of tomorrow. Our programs focus on age groups 12-17 and young adults 18- 25. To learn more about BORN II WIN UK, please contact us @ info@borniiwin.com

Borniiwin UK Director Trevor Carter


Trevor specializes in mentoring and coaching programs pertaining to youth and young adults. Trevor is recognized for being an expert at helping young people set new goals, standards and improve the quality of their traditional education. Through these efforts, Trevor is able to show youth how to evolve from the classroom to the community. BORN II WIN’s L.I.F.E Education System nourishes a young person's self esteem and inspires them to strive for academic excellence and community awareness. Our UK director Trevor Carter is currently conducting events in and around the United Kingdom. Learn more about BORN II WIN UK by contacting us by email @ info@borniiwin.com.

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What are the benefit for young people with Borniiwin?

Develop personally and professionally

Ongoing support from UK and USA certified advisors

Learn the power of entrepreneurship and how to develop their passion

Private and confidential coaching support

Meet other like minded young people in the UK

Increase self esteem and formulas for better decision making

Clips of Speakers RJ Hodges and Monique Fluker speaking in London and other youth events

Our Team has a combined 40 years of experience and knowledge when it comes to impacting the lives of our young people.

We also have programs for parents, teachers, and administrators on creative ways to relate to youth so they will open up and not close adults out which results in negative behavior. BORN II WIN specializes in tailoring specific programs for youth organizations and school systems to fit the needs they have and deliver results.

For more information contact the director of BORN II WIN UK Trevor Carter at:


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