April 2016 Counselor's News

Kacy Rodgers MA, CSC, LPC

STAAR Testing Coming Soon

  • Thank you for completing your online modules
  • Remember to read your test administrator manual.
  • Required training will be after school on Tuesday, April 19th.
  • Additional training for those giving oral administration will be at 7:30 on Wednesday, April 20th in the counselor's office.
  • STAAR, STAAR-A, STAAR-L tests will be given the week of May 9-13

Safety Reminders

  • Doors should be locked at all times
  • Windows should only be covered during lockdown
  • Review severe weather procedures with your students
  • Be aware and watchful during recess, report any suspicious activity to office
  • Please welcome Officer Nault to our campus

Food For Thought

What would you do if...

  • you're outside and there is a lock down?
  • you're at lunch and there is severe weather?
  • there's a fire in the hallway and your evacuation route is blocked?
  • you hear what you think is gunshots but no announcement to lock down has been made?

April Showers = Indoor Recess

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