John Andre

By: Louwanda Jones & Journei Wilson

John Andre Early Life

John Andre Was born on May , 2 , 1750 In London , United Kingdom

He Died Oct , 2 , 1780

His father Antoine Andre And mother Marie Lousie Giradot

Andre Was Born into a wealthy family

He went to the university of Geneva and studied mathematics and military drawings

He was promoted to major and named adjutant general Henry Clinton

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What Role Did Andre Play In The Revolution

Andre was an spy and General in the war

He believed that the british should prosecute the war with harshness and vigor and start and campaign

Important Accmplishments

He wrote poetry for the tory women , He was In many of battles like the battle of Monmouth he was also present at the german town battles and whitemarsh .

John Andre

Major John Andre self portrait done shortly before his execution. Original at Yale University
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