New York Museum of Art

The Art of the Renaissance

The Period of Rebirth

A new exhibit has come to the New York Museum of Art. Come and see the world of the Renaissance. Learn about the artists of that time and how their work changed the world.

The Last Supper

This piece of work was created by Leonardo Da Vinci. He was ordered to make it by the Duke of Millan. It depict the last supper that Jesus and his Apostles had before he was betrayed and Crucified. It took Da Vinci nearly 3 years to finish it and now it is probably the most famous work of art in the history of the world.
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The Statue of David

This piece was created by Michelangelo. He was ordered by the Overseers of the Office of Works of Florence Cathedral to make it. It depicts the Biblical hero David who was said to have defeated the giant warrior Goliath and became the King of Israel.
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The Sistine Madonna

This was a painting by Raphael who was ordered by Pope Julius II so it could be shown at the Monastery of San Sisto. It depicts The Virgin Mary holding her child Jesus Christ, while the Saints Sixtus and Barbara gaze upon them.
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The Mona Lisa

Another famous painting of Leonard Da Vinci is the Mona Lisa. It was made when a man named Francesco del Giocondo asked Da Vinci to make a painting of his wife Lisa del Giocondo. It took him 14 years to make but it was worth it because now it is the most well known painting in the world.
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