Cory Graves

Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I was once queen of England and Ireland. She was born September 7 1533 and she died March 24 1603. Elizabeth was born in Greenwich Palace and died in Richmond Palace. She also had married Henry VIII.

Jan Hus

Jan Hus was a Czech Priest, Philosopher, Reformer and a Master at Charles University. He was burned at the stake for Hersey against the beliefs of the Catholic Church and was the first one to go against the Catholic Church.

Martin Luther

Martin was a German Monk and a Catholic Priest. Martin also wrote the 95 Theses and put it in the Catholic Church. Martin believed that you can't buy your way into Heaven.

95 Theses

The 95 Theses was the start of the Protestant Reformation and talked about all the problems with the Church. It also said how only God can give salvation, not a priest and that sin will always remain until we go to heaven.

Counter Reformation

The Counter Reformation is when the Catholic strikes back against the people that are with Martin Luther and Jan Hus. The Counter Reformation started with the Council of Trent.

Founders of Religion

Catholic - Jesus's Apostles

Lutheran - Martin Luther

Anglican - King Henry VIII

Methodist - Jhon Wesley

Babtist - Jhon Smith