News from Room 40

Week of 1/23 - 1/27

News at a glance...

Sorry for the long delay in Newsletters! They have returned for good.

  • We are halfway through 4th grade already!!!
  • This week we will be taking our Math, Reading and Journey's benchmark tests (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). Scores will be sent home with the weekly test reports.
  • We have completed learning fractions (now just practicing) and are moving onto decimals.
  • We started our PA History unit in Social Studies

Field Trip: Farm Show

Thank you to everyone who helped make our field trip a success! The kids had a great time and observed so many important things about Pennsylvania agriculture!

What We're Learning This Week...


This week we’ll ask the question “How do people and animals benefit each other?” We’ll start by reading the narrative nonfiction selection The Right Dog for the Job, which explains how one heroic dog trained for these vital helping jobs. In the informational text, Knowing Noses: Searchand-Rescue Dogs, we’ll read about SAR dogs and the daring jobs they perform.

This week’s…

  • Target Vocabulary: reward, graduate, symbol, foster, disobey, confidence, patiently, confesses, ceremony, performs
  • Vocabulary Strategy: Suffixes -ion, -ation, -ition
  • Comprehension Skill: Sequence of events—understand how the order of events contributes to the text
  • Comprehension Strategy: Summarize— put the most important ideas into your own words
  • Writing Focus: Narrative paragraphs

Math: Decimals

What we're learning:

This week we are transitioning from fractions to decimals. With this, we are understanding how decimals are also a part of a whole number just like fractions. This week we are focusing on identifying, naming and writing decimals that use the tenths and hundredths place. We will have our quiz on Friday for this skill.

Helpful videos:


This week our fluency quiz will cover our 0-7 division facts. The class will have 3 minutes to answer 50 facts from all the families.


Homework this week will be a packet that will go home today (Monday). There is one page per day with no homework on Friday. Homework will be checked and reviewed daily. Students are more than welcome to complete pages ahead of time.

Social Studies: Pennsylvania History

This week we will be focusing on PA history. We introduced the topic by making a foldable with many facts about Pennsylvania. We will continue this by looking historically at what Europeans explored and settled in Pennsylvania and for what reasons.

Writing: Narrative Paragraphs

As a class, we have had some trouble writing quality paragraphs. Therefore, we are going back to focus on this important skill! This week we will finish our narrative paragraphs about our new place. We researched facts about our place and created topic sentences and supporting details. We will continue to work on it this week with a friendly letter as well.

Read Aloud: Poppy Mayberry

Our class has voted to read Poppy Mayberry, The Monday for our class read aloud. We try to read one chapter per day as a brain break. I read to the students to model fluency for them, but also for a way to make reading fun for them and discussing parts of the story.

Poppy Mayberry is written by Jennie K. Brown, a Palmyra native! We are hoping she'll be able to make an author visit sometime this year.

Snow Day Make-Up Day

Friday, Feb. 17th, 9pm

600 South Lingle Avenue

Palmyra, PA

If we have a snow day from now until February 17, this will be a school day.

No School for Students

Monday, Feb. 20th, 9pm

600 South Lingle Avenue

Palmyra, PA

This day there will not be school, despite snow days.

Benchmark Testing

Study Island Benchmarks

Due to the fact that we are halfway through 4th grade, we will be doing Benchmark testing to ensure that students are making appropriate growth throughout the year. This week we will take 3 benchmark tests. Two of which are done on Study Island (computer) for Reading and Math. The class will take the same test (on all 4th grade content) at the beginning of the year, middle of the year (now) and at the end of the year to ensure they made growth and learned necessary content for 4th grade.

All benchmark grades will be sent home with the weekly test report on Friday.

We will take our Math benchmark on Monday, and Reading on Tuesday.

Journey's Benchmark

On Wednesday, we will take our Journey's benchmark. This benchmark goes along with our reading curriculum and tests all information covered for Lessons 10-15 (lessons covered in December and January). This assessment includes multiple choice and essay questions.

Mrs. LeBlanc

Please contact me with any questions or concerns!