The Toddlers Class News

Miss Carrie and Miss Barbara

Week of October 21st

Last week I introduced Francy Fish to them. The f sound is tricky but I think most of them got it. The zoo phonics saying for Francy Fish is: Francy Fish loves to swim..f...f.f.f.
You move your arms like you are swimming. We worked on the color orange, pumpkins and finished creation day 5 and 6. We also had fun doing are nursery rhyme "Ring around the Rosie". We did this again and again....

Reminders for the week of October 28th:
****please please do not forget your child's coat-we go to the playground in the morning and it is very cold
****on Monday we will be (I will be) carving a pumpkin and letting them see what is inside and I will let them touch it if they want-I will also be bringing in a treat-pumpkin pie that is crustless, gluten-free, wheat free and dairy free-
*****Wednesday is the fall parade-you can have your child dress when they arrive or we can dress them-pizza day for Hudson, Isaac, Miss Barbara and Miss Kiki
****Homework for the family-you will be getting a Turkey feather to decorate with instructions on what to do on Wednesday October 30th. The feather will be due on Monday November 4th.

Have a great weekend! See you at Fall on the Farm!