social economy is the best economy

by dylan


socialism is half way between command and free Enterprise.its the best of both worlds !tin a socialism economy you get free health care !like who wouldnt want free health care .everyone is equal and no one is treated better than another

how does a command economy work ?

A command economy is a system that determines what goods are produced and the price at which the goods will be offered for sale. Everything is ran by the government. so there is no risk of a person taking over and messing things up. All the people in a command economy are paid the one earns more money than each other. they just try to meet the basic needs of the people .
Command Economy (Economics report)


some people say having a command economy is bad because it is controlled by the government ,is hard to organize and shows no individuality .however in a command economy everyone has stable salaries that provides basic needs .it also promotes social goals which makes the country look better.