Third Grade Buzzzz...

Happenings in Mrs. Paluch's Class!

May 2, 2016

STAR Testing This Week!

Students will take the Math Star Test Tuesday afternoon and the Reading Star Test Thursday morning.

I was so amazed and impressed with the 3rd grade musical. The entire class worked so hard and they gave an awesome performance. We have a talented group of 3rd graders!

Curriculum Information

ELA- (English/Language Arts)

Unit 3 Module A

We will be doing the Performance Based Assessment (PBA) for this module Monday and Tuesday. Kids will write an opinion paper about which text, Storm in the Night or Knots on a Counting Rope has a more powerful central message.

We will do the next module over these last weeks of school.

Unit 3 Module B

Reading Essential Question: How do readers use text structures and features to better comprehend texts?

Writing Essential Question: How do writers introduce and develop a topic with facts, details, and linking words?

Focus This Week:

  • We will read the book, Weather and determine main ideas and details. This book has a lot of new factual information about weather.
  • See how cause and effect is used in scientific texts.
  • Ask and answer questions about a text.
  • Use illustrations and words to understand text.

Foundational Skills:

  • Syllable Pattern VCCCV- con/trast, dis/trict, back/yard


  • Kids will take notes on information that they are learning through the Weather book we are reading. They will convey ideas and information.
  • Decide which details to use to explain a topic.


  • Functions of adverbs in a sentence.
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Lessons this week:

  • Hands-on lesson to learn about angles
  • Polygons
  • Hands-on lesson to explore triangles and their angles
  • Quadrilaterals

Homework This Week

Monday 5/2- 14.1

Tuesday 5/3- 14.2

Wednesday 5/4- 14.3

Thursday 5/5 14.4

Below is a link to a good website with a lot of math games! We are currently working on geometry, but they should continue to work on multiplication/division and fractions too!


Breaking the Force

  • We will see what the force of attraction is between 2 magnets. The greatest difference between 2 magnets, the weaker the force of attraction.
  • Kids will record their data on a graph..

Social Studies

Geography and Regions

  • This week we will begin to study regions in the United States. We will learn about all the regions but will concentrate on the Midwest.
  • We will talk about the study of geography and why it is important.

Important Dates

  • May 2- Wear your favorite baseball hat

  • May 3- PJ Day and kids can bring a stuffed animal

  • May 3- Math Star Test

  • May 4- Ride Your Bike to School!

  • May 5- Dress Up Day

  • May 5- Reading Star Test

  • May 6- Reading Lounge Poster Contest Entry Due

  • May 6- Book Order Due

  • May 9- Field Trip- Little White Schoolhouse

  • May 9-11- Book Fair