Jane Goodall

By: Ariana Koustrup


Jane Goodall's full name is Jane Goodall.She studded chimp in the wild unlike a lot of scientists.

Childhood and Education

Jane Goodall was born on April 3, 1934 in London England. Her mom was Vanna and her father was Mortimer. Jane became interested in chimps because she always dreamed of going to Africa no mater what the reason. So her love of animals landed her working with chimps.Jane lived in Bournemouth while growing up and went to school at Upland Private school and went to college at Darwin College Cambering. Jane worked with a paleontologist and that was the only form of training she did.

Professional Life and Accomplishments

Jane worked with a paleontologist in Africa to start. Jane's main discovery was how chimps lived in then in the wild was different then in zoo's. Jane's method of finding chimps was to clime a tree and try to catch up with them. her tools were binoculars. Jane had her husband video the chimps and take pictures of them.


My scientists name is Jane Goodall and she is famous for her work with chimps. Jane Goodall is famous for her work with chimps and she was the first scientist to study chimps in the wild not in the zoo. When Jane was young she so found of animals that one time she brought worms into her home and put them under her pillow to see how they lived. If it was not for Jane we may not know so much about chimps and how they are similar to us in many ways.
Jane Goodall: A Birthday Tribute

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