The New Deal

By Jekshua R, Kyler S


Under the presidencies of Franklin Roosevelt, there were many government programs and policies created to help improve the condition during the Great Depression.


Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)- Provides government insurance on the money deposited in the Bank. Example: if the bank crashes, your money will be insured to a certain amount.
Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)- The Program reduced the production of crops and livestock, and increased the price. Example: if there were a surplus of pigs, the government would pay the farm to only raise 100 pigs, instead of 500.
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)- The program was to plant trees, fight fires, and to create reservoirs. It employed men 18- 25 years old to work in this program.


National Industrial Recovery Act- This allowed businesses, laborers and the government to set up rules for each industry. They set the prices for minimum wages and shifts. This was to help spread out businesses and get more people to work.
Agricultural Adjustment Act- The government would pay the farmers to grow certain crops and livestock to increase the price.
Social Security Act- This act provided security for the elderly and for the unemployed workers. These workers, under this act, received benefits due to their paid premiums. They also get welfare checks for the needy, and receive benefits when retired from working at age 65.


Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)- When the CCC was done, it provided outdoor work for over 3 million people.
Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)- When this program was enacted, farmers removed millions of acres of land from their production. The supply of crop was reduced, and the farmer's income increased. A lot of tenant farmers became homeless when the farmers removed fields off the production.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)- This brought confidence to the people, as their money would be protected and they will have access to them. This helped prevent more banks from failing.


In my opinion, the FDIC was a very important part of the new deal, because it brought trust to the people. The banks were failing due to insufficient amount of money in the banks, and people withdrew their money from them. Now with the insurance your money will be protected, and people felt safer depositing their money in the bank. This helped bring the confidence of the people and the economy back up.