Las Noticias de Sra. Buell

December 8, 2014

Don't Forget Think Through Math

Don't forget that 2 lessons of TTM are due on Fridays. Students are able to work on it some in the computer lab, at least the next couple weeks. They are able to do 2 additional lessons for extra credit (5pts each).

Just a Note: I grade TTM from Saturday to Friday. So for example, this week would be Dec. 6-12.

Study club

I am going to have to cancel Wednesday morning Study Club, my son's school schedule is changing and I will no longer be here early enough to do it before school. I will be having it on Thursday from 3:45 to 4:20.

Homework this week

Monday/Tuesday: Math Handout

Wednesday/Thursday: SS Test Friday

Friday: Have a great weekend!! Buen Viaje estudiates de Costa Rica!

Gingerbread Competition

Friday, Dec. 12th, 5pm to Monday, Dec. 15th, 3pm

8316 E 93rd St

Tulsa, OK

The students gingerbread entries will be on display at Hardesty library through the weekend!