United Church of Christ

By: Rylee Canales 1st hour

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Leader is a Pastor

In 1957 two religions came together and mad one big religion, those two religions where Reformed church and the Congregational christian church.

United Church of Christ first started in 1957 in North America.

In 1700 the first African american

In 1772 Ordination of the first openly gay Pastor

In 1785 First African american Pastor

In 1853 First women Pastor

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Baptism= Belived because it ment" love,support,and care"

Bible=Belived for "inspiration and guidance"

Communion="Honor's chist and those who died"

Jesus="Son of the creator and head of church"

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When & how do they worship?

~Prayers or songs every thanksgiving

~General confession of sins

~Assurance of forgiveness

~Wide diversity in services.

Where do they worship?

~in there church every sunday

Holy book?


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How many followers?

~unknown,but there is over 5,100 churches in the world

Followers in the USA?

~1.2 million

Fun facts Time!!

~1785 the first openly gay and lesbian and transgender where aloud in this church!

~President obama is a member!

~United church of Christ also believe in no "Creed" only love is necessary!

~In there minds Sin's mean " opposition or indifference to the will of God"

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