September 5, 2013

September is Here!

Hello New Zion Parents & New Zion-

Yes, September is already here. Hard to believe, especially with temperatures in the 100's. Even though the temperatures scream summer, our "summer" break has come to an end. With that we miss the days of no homework, etc. but look forward to our Sunday afternoons with the youth. We hope that your labor day was restful and are looking forward to an easy weekend.

Please take a moment to check the calendar portion of the notes to update any information you might not have received.

Looking forward to being with the youth on Sunday afternoon.

Nona and Ruth Ann
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Celebrations and Concerns

We are a community, parents and youth together. In that we want to have the opportunity to rejoice over you and pray for you within this community. If you have anything to share with the group, please let us know so we can continue to support each other.

  • Two youth birthdays this month. Please see below for their picture and parents names.
  • The beginning of a new year.
  • Welcome to our additions to New Zion...Luke Nester, Emma Foerster, Wyatt Ross, Avery Dullnig, Wesley Price, Allie Wood, Logan Miller, McCoy Patterson (We know there are some more new friends that we have not yet seen on Sunday afternoon. We will watch this list grow.)

  • Those transitioning to a new school
  • Teachers, counselors and administrators
  • Those who are having a rough time finding where they "fit"
  • Those struggling with health concerns
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Thank you for praying for these youth and their parents.

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Who Am I?

"Everybody knows who I am, and they tell me all the time. My mom knows I'm a 'good kid'. My dad says I am lazy but a natural athlete. My teachers tell me I'm smart, but I don't care enough to 'live up to my potential'. My friends think I'm funny. Girls think I'm shy. I think I'm all of those...and none of those. Who the heck am I? I'm everything to everybody, and nobody to me." *

"Our kids don't yet know themselves, yet they desperately want to be known. They want to know their personality, their gifts and skills and interests. They want to know where they came from and where they're going. They want to know where they belong, in what group or city or career. They want to know what they believe and how that affects their life. In short, they're struggling to form their identity." *

This identity formation takes years...if not a lifelong process. With our kids it could be like a sweater. They try on an identity to see how it fits and after that they try on another and the process continues and is ever evolving until they begin to believe and settle into who they are called to be...a child of God. We, as adults, are called to be their patient, encouraging and loving guide, example and support system.

*excerpts from Sticky Faith by Kara Powell and Chap Clark
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Calendar Items

watch for updates

Sunday, September 8th - Rehearsal 3:20-4:30

Sunday, September 15th - Rehearsal 3:20-4:30

Sunday, September 22nd - Rehearsal 3:20-4:30 - Deposit for Retreat Due $50

Sunday, September 29th - Rehearsal 3:20-4:30 / Celebrate September Birthdays.

Friday, October 11-Sunday, October 13 - Fall Retreat at Mo Ranch

Sunday, October 20th - Sacred Sounds Concert 4:00 and NZ Spaghetti Dinner 5:00

Saturday, December 14th - Rehearsal with Orchestra

Sunday, December 15th - Sing at 9:30 & 11:00 Worship with Orchestra and Choirs

Sunday, December 22nd - Christmas Eve Rehearsal 3:20

Tuesday, December 24th - Sing at the 9:00pm Christmas Eve Service

New Zion Youth Choir

The New Zion Choir is a group of youth in grades 6-12. They meet weekly to rehearse and socialize as they grow together through music, worship, prayer and friendships. They sing in worship throughout the school year, participate in fundraising projects and serve alongside each other in other service opportunities. Every summer they take a mission trip in July. During this time they sing in churches and nursing homes and find ways to serve the community they are a part of at that time.
This open and welcoming group is for anyone that would like to participate. One does not have to be a member of AHUMC to come and be a part.

For more information contact Nona Schwab.