How to multiply fractions

Multiplying fractions made easy by Wren Opperman

step 1

First, you need to line up the fractions side by side with a multiplication sign in the middle as shown.

Step 2

Multiply the numerator by the numerator as shown in the picture.
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Step 3.

Now, you need to multiply the denominator by the denominator and keep the numerator as it is.
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Step 4.

The last step is to simplify if needed.

~ Simplifying a fraction is when you reduce the fraction to it's lowest terms. You do this by finding a number that can go into the numerator and denominator evenly and divide the two fraction parts by that number. You know that you have found the lowest term when the denominator and numerator can not be divided evenly by any number, except 1.

This is my example.....

In the first drawing, the numerator is RED and the denominator is GREEN. You see how you multiply the RED numbers to create a new numerator and the GREEN numbers to create the new denominator.
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Simplifies to.....

When I simplify a fraction I usually start by dividing by 2 and going down from there. This only works when both fraction parts are even. When they are odd I think of other options like dividing by 5 or 3.

The PINK is the result from above, I divided it by 2 to create the BLUE fraction and then I divided the BLUE fraction by 5 to create my final simplified result in GREEN and BOXED.

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End of my directions

This is the end of MY directions I can give you but below is a BUNCH of other examples, videos and sites that you can go to for more information on how to multiply fractions.

Examples the internet

Below are some examples from the web of multiplying fractions
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Video you can watch.....

You can go to the video below for even MORE information on multiplying fractions
Multiplying Fractions


This is the end of my flyer, I hope I gave you a clear explanation of how to multiply fractions.