What I have been up to

Hi Pat Pat, I thought you might want to hear about some of the things I've been doing lately. Last week I got a hair cut!

We are going to the desert for spring break April 12-21 and will be camping. Here is a picture of our new tent that mom got us for Christmas. This picture was taken last week, can you believe there is hardly any snow in our yard?

This May I will be going with my class to Yellowstone National Park for 4 days. It's called Expedition Yellowstone (EY13). We will be hiking with the park rangers and will also be in the classroom with the rangers. We will be staying overnight at Buffalo Ranch in cabins. Our class is split up into 6 clans. My clan name is "awesome possums". The other clan names are: wolf warriors, druid pack, cool geysers, rushing rivers and gardner gates.

I've been taking snowboard lessons this winter. Here is a picture of me and Olivia after ski and snowboard lessons a few weeks ago.

Here is a video of me yesterday doing the end of the season snowboard race. I was the only snowboarder racing, everyone else were skiers!

4/7/13 - Ivy snowboard race

I miss you sooooooo much and love you too. Hope you had a great birthday! Sorry this birthday present is late. Say hi to Pa Pa for me. Love, Ivy