signs of Depression

hurting yourself/others


clinical depression, a medical condition

depression affects more than 19 million people every year

depression can be a life situation

2 ways to help some one from depression

*convince your friend to ask for help

*let him/her know you care

signs of depression

* drug use

* loss of sleep and appetite

* feeling worthless

* saying "no one cares or "i'm worthless"

self harming

the act of destroying body tissue at times to change a way of feeling

they like to keep it in secret because they don't want to be judged

they hurt themselves to escape from emotional pain and to induce a pleasure state from endorphins that are released.

signs of self harm

* secretive behavior

* frequent or unexplained scars

* general signs of depression

pictures of depression

warning signs of suicide

1. beginning to use alcohol or dugs

2. frequent thoughts of death

3. changes in personality or mood

4. trouble concentrating

5. feelings of worthlessness

2 common statements that are considered warning signs of suicide

1. planning a suicide attempt or a previous attempt

2. statements such as "I wish I were dead' or "no one cares"

video clip

this video relates to depression cause she is really sad or depressed because she is getting picked on and bullied so she tries to take pills to end her life so she wont feel the pain anymore.
Can't get the cap off - Cyberbully


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