The Daly News 1/18/19

Manatee Elementary Staff Newsletter

Important Notes

  • We are gearing up for some big events in the coming months from Literacy Week, the Seuss takeover, FSA prep and formal observations. It will be important that you pay close attention to The Daly News and adhere to the deadlines. We will do our best to limit the emails during the week and keep all news in one place for you to reference.
  • I love to learn new things and as I look at my calendar, I am going to be learning a ton. I've got several off campus meetings in the next few weeks. I always note my days out of the building in this weekly update and on the Absent Board in the office. Be sure to check it if you are looking for me and I seem to be missing.

Important Dates

January 21
  • No School! Enjoy your day off.

January 22

  • Daly out AM
  • Dr. Mela visiting classrooms PM

January 23

  • Awards 2/4 & 1/6

January 24

  • Walk-a-Thon
  • Daly out

January 25

  • Awards K & 3/5
  • Daly out PM

Walk-a-Thon & Green Committee

The annual Manatee Elementary Walk-A-Thon is quickly approaching. To continue our green efforts around campus, the Green Committee will have a Hydration Station set up throughout the Walk-A-Thon event on Thursday January 24th. We encourage everyone to bring in a refillable water bottle, labeled with their name. The Hydration Station will provide refreshing Ice-Cold Water to refill student’s water bottle, spritz students with cool water, let them seek shade or take a few moments to rest. Please send your student to school with a reusable water bottle on January 24th to help keep them cool and hydrated while cutting down on disposable bottle waste.

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