Ecological Issues

Over Logging And Rain Forest In British Columbia

Geography Connection

Geography that connects to the issue:

  • mining, tourism, fishing, manufacturing, and forestry are the largest industries in British Columbia(BC)
  • British Columbia province is located beside the Pacific Ocean, which provides wet and mild climate for the rain forest growth
  • about 55% of BC is covered by forest
  • most of forestry companies did not replanting the forests that they had been cut down

Current Issues

Current problems:

  • large area of original rain forest have been cut down
  • environment getting worse
  • ecosystem and gas cycle have been destructed
  • There are 60 million hectares in British Columbia, and only 22 million hectares are suitable to log, and most of those trees have been cut down already


  • the forest companies are going to replant trees
  • the company start to ban the area of logging
  • stop logging the old-growth forest
  • companies all signed the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement(CBFA), which is an agreement about peace between the forest industry and environmental organizations in Canada

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