How the incas began and ended

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Where the incas controlled

The incas were located Peru, Ecuador, and Chile.

There empire was 3,500 miles long.

They were the biggest empire on the earth.

When the incas began

the inca began in A.D 1150 just a few hundred years when the roman empire had fallen in A.D. 426

What life was like for Incas

The history of the incas empire

Inca society was the emperor, the Sapa Inca. (His title means unique Inca). The Incas believed their ruler was descended from the sun god and he was treated with great respect. Visitors had to remove their footwear if they approached the Sapa Inca and they had to carry a burden on their back to show their respect for him. When he travelled the Sapa Inca was carried in a litter.