Guinea pigs

By: Hailey .B

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Guinea pigs can were costumes but they may not like it.
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About Guinea pigs

A Guinea pig is part of the rodent family. There nickname is the cavy. The Guinea pig can live up to 5 to 7 years. A Guinea pig is born 3 ounces and get up to1 to 2 pounds unless you feed them to much. A Guinea pig can't get on a wheel or in a ball like a Hamster because it will brake there back and the Guinea pig will end up dying. They will never stop squealing, squeaking, chirping and whistle when they see you when you get home because there so excited to see you.

A guinea pig house

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A Guinea pigs home

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These are some good foods to feed your Guinea pig.

Guinea pigs like to chew on toys.

What Guinea pigs can eat

A guinea pig can eat lots of food like : strawberry's, apples, carrots, radishes, hay, apricots, arugula lettuce, pears, blackberries and oranges.

What Guinea pigs can't eat

A Guinea pig can't eat lots of food just as much as they can eat some foods like : grapes bananas, grapes, beets, beetroots, greens, bread, baking goods, chocolate and unlike dogs Guinea pigs can't have eggs.

diffrent typea of guinea

The America

The American guinea pig got it's name because they look like the South American Guinea pig. They are one of the oldest breeds like the peruvian. The American Guinea pigs coat is short, shiny and smooth but has no curls unlike the Texel. They are perfect for people that never had a Guinea pig before.
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The Skinny pig

The Skinny pig is a strange type of guinea pig because the only hair that they have is little fuzzy hair but you can't see it. The Skinny pig is born with no hair and them grows little fuzzy hair. I think they look like baby Hippo's or weird looking pigs but a lot smaller.They color of there skin can be lots of colors like pink, black, dark brown, pink and black, pink and dark brown also black and dark brown. But there skin is most likely to be pink with spots.
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The Silkie / Sheltie

The Silkie / Sheltie is one of the most popular guinea pigs because it is the only type that has the best looking hair.The Silkie / Sheltie is even more popular on the show table.[The show table mean's that the Silkie / Sheltie is more popular when there shown to a judge.] The Silkie's / Sheltie's hair also is really soft and shiny unlike other guinea pigs.

The Silkie Satin

The Silkie Satin is just like the Silkie but has softer and shiner hair.

The Coronet

The Coronet Guinea pig is like the Silkie and the Sheltie but just has a rosette on top of it's head.
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The Peruvian

The Peruvian is one of the oldest breeds. The Peruvian came from South America and Via France. The Peruvian is a uncommon breed like some others. They can sell up to $200.00 dollars and more. The Peruvian hair can also grow up to 20 inches long but they are born short haired. The Peruvian is also a weird type of guinea pig just like the Skinny pig because they chew on each others coats so they should be kelp alone.

The Peruvian Satin

The Peruvian Satin is no different than the Peruvian just has really silkie hair and was found sometime in January 1988 by the A.R.B.A..
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The Teddy

The Teddy is a popular breed in the U.S.A.. The price range is up to $120.00 to $350.00 dollars. The Teddy is short and looks like the Rex. Some Guinea pigs can live outside like the Teddy but most can't. The Teddy's body has a roman nose and a medium length body. They need to be brushed and given a bath once or twice a week because the short and fuzzy hair collects dirt and dust.

The Teddy Satin

The Teddy Satin is just like the Teddy but just has silky hair.
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The Alpaca

The Alpaca is a rare type of guinea pig. The cost that they can get up to is $120.00 dollars. They are like the Peruvian but has strands of hair and has shorter hair. The Alpaca can't live outside unlike the Peruvian. They usually has a rosette on top of there head.[A rosette is a spots or spots on some were on there body were the hair is spread out and you can see a spot of there skin.] The Alpaca's hair needs to be brushed because there hair gets tangled and collects dirt like the Teddy.
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The Texel

The Texel is from England it came to the U.S. In the 1980's. The Texel was found in 1998. The Texel is a short, fat and round headed Guinea pig. There hair is long and soft, but not as long as the Peruvian's hair. The Texel's hair is also really curly all over, even on the belly. They should not be owned by a kid that is busy or some one first time taking care of a Guinea pig because they take a lot of work.
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The Self

The Self is a rare breed and does not live that long, the average life span of a guinea pig is 5 to 7 years, so the Self may only live for 3 to 4 years. The Self has a roman nose like the Teddy. They are a really cool type because the color of there hair can be black, red, cream, white, golden, lilac, chocolate, saffron, slate, buff and beige.

The Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is a very common breed, they are one of the three original types of Guinea pig. If you want to show them they must have at least 8 rosette, and it doesn't matter were there at. The cost that the Abyssinian can get up to is $45.00 to $200.00 dallors. The cool thing about them is they got there name by someone from England. Also they went to Europe and reached there bye the 16th century.

The Abyssinian Satin

The Abyssinian Satin is just like the Abyssinian but just more spiker. They are also more shiny and when they move across the show table they sparkle.
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The Dalmation / Roan

The Dalmamation / Roan is a Guinea pig that has been all over the place because the Dutch and English were in South America were they were traded for there fur and meat and then they took them to Europe and the Dalmation / Roan were the Europe considered them exotic pets and were favorite for there royalty. They are also a long type of Guinea pig because they can get up to 8 to 10 inches
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The White Crested

The White Crested is a rare but funny type because they have a rosette on top of there head which makes them look like the are a princess. They were found in 1974. The White Crested Guinea pig can't have anything white on there body besides the crown on there head to be shown. They also look like the American Guinea pig but can have shinier looking hair.
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