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Mrs. Edelman's Kindergarten News

October 5-9


In literacy, we started a new Author Unit. As sad as we were to say goodbye to our Wordless Books, we were very excited to welcome Laura Numeroff into our classroom. We are really enjoying reading her "If you give a ____ a then …." Books. We have learned that those books are called circle stories and can go on and on forever. We also learned two new literary terms: Cause and Effect. We have created a chart in class where we are keeping track of the main characters and the settings in each story. We are also learning how to respond to literature in our Laura Numeroff Journals and look forward to sharing those with you at the end of the unit.


Last week we finished up our unit on building number sense confidence. We spent a lot of time working through centers that really helped us understand the 100’s chart. This week we moved into learning about addition and subtraction! We were introduced to two new friend Gus the Plus and Linus the Minus. We learned that when we "play" with Gus we always end up with more than we started, but when Linus comes to "play" he always takes something away. We started learning how to write addition and subtraction sentences and will be continuing to build those skills over the next few weeks.

Writer's Workshop

This week during Writing Workshop we loved learning about drawing hard to make stories. We discussed that during our writing time we should do the best we can and then move on, instead of becoming frustrated when coming across an issue in our drawings. On Thursday, we had a very important lesson on stretching out words and writing every sound we hear. This way we can begin adding words to our beautiful illustrations! It has been so much fun hearing everyone’s well thought out stories and we are becoming better and better at asking our class writers thoughtful questions.

Global Read Aloud

Our whole school has been so excited to participate in the Global Read Aloud. Our class will be reading the same story as many other schools across the globe for the next few weeks. This week we read Chopsticks. It was a beautiful story that taught about friendship and created a wonderful discussion about what qualities we like in our friends. We also made a list of things that we like to do with friends and a list of activities that we enjoy doing on our own. We all decided that it would be fun to try eating with chopsticks. So we learned how to use them and then attempted to eat marshmallows, tomatoes, and chocolate pudding with our chopsticks. The pudding was the most messy but definitely the most popular! The highlight of our Global Read Aloud was skyping with a kindergarten class in Vermont who had also read the story and attempted to eat with chopsticks. It was so fun to hear about their experiences and share ours with them.

Upcoming Dates

October 22: Field Trip to Art Barn

-October 19: No Homework Night

-October 30: Grandparents and Special Friends Day


  • If you are planning to have your child’s guest on Grandparents and Special Friends Day take him or her home from school please remember to turn in the permission slip that we sent home last week. Please let us know if you need another copy.

Thank You!

Thank you to Julie Peretz for being our classroom helper this week, and also to Ari Dardik and Josh Harris for being wonderful mystery readers.