John- Plato

Hailey Virgin

Character Traits:

Lonely: Not only does John not have friends but he also doesn't have a dad/father figure in his life to look up to. A lot of normal people at least have their parents to lean back on if nothing else is going right but he doesn't even have that. He is not good at putting himself out there and making friends.

Kind/caring: John doesn't have many friends but the friends he does have he cares a lot about and will do what he can to protect and support them. He went to the chicken run to support Jim when they become friends. Then, when people come to his house he won't tell them where Jim lives and gets beat up for it and then he goes to Jim's house to make sure he is okay.

THEME: The way you are raised, and how you are treated directly affects how you act and your attitude towards life and other people. THERE IS A REASON PEOPLE ACT THE WAY THEY DO.. even if we don't always see/understand it.

Character Growth:

John realized that having friends is an important part of life although he still acted out and didn't get to live on and create more bonds with people around him.

Plato's mismatched socks showed that he was different, not so much on the outside but he used that to show how he feels on the inside.


John's parents are divorced. His dad doesn't have anything to do with him, and his mom is never home. They pretty much abandoned him and even though that left him with a lot of freedom and opportunity to do whatever he wants it also leaves him feeling betrayed and unwanted.