My Summer Reading Book Project

By: Caleb Beasley

Character Analysis

Eric Greitens is a really nice man. He likes to serve his country and he has a very big heart as well. You can tell Eric has a big heart because he fought in the army then he serves the older and injured soldiers.


Setting: China, Rwanda, Iraq, America, Croatia, Zaire, Bolivia, BUD/S training camp

People: Eric Greitens (author), Earl, Rwanda Boys, Staff Sergeant Lewis

Rising Action

Before Eric joined the army we went on trips all around the world. He went to China first to teach the people there about America. After that trip Eric went home and tried boxing and the things he did in China made him realize that he could do things we wanted to do. After he trained with Earl (boxing coach) he realized all these trips he was going on didn't have a meaning so on his next trip he wanted to make something out of it. On the subway one day a lady standing next to him said "it's a shame that the people in america aren't doing anything about this stuff that's going on in Croatia and Zaire". That gave Eric an idea "What do citizens in America really do to serve back to their country". Eric then goes off to BUD/S training camp to become a SEAL.


Eric becomes a team leader at BUD/S to later pass through H*** Week to become a SEAL with the rest of his team. Moves on to Iraq and there is a explosive in the truck causing them to take one man and put staples in his head.

Falling Action

Eric goes to the hospital to check up with his friends after his release from Iraq. While he is there he talks to other soldiers and asks them what they what to do if they cant serve their country anymore. Every single one said that they want to serve their country.


Eric creates an organization or club that gives back to soldiers and the injured soldiers mainly. He does not go back to the army because his organization is free he has to find some way to make profit so it does not fail so he throws a fundraiser to profit and since he isn't going back to the army he still serves his country by helping the injured soldiers. He still serves his country.
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Eric greeting and talking to elderly soldiers