All About Me

The life I live and the way I live it .

Physical Activities (Controllable Factor)

- I've played baseball ever since i was little. Ever since i was little they always looked at me as the leader of the team. I consider myself very good , but there's been a change. Ever since i got to high school i feel like the coaches aren't giving me the chance i deserve. They are choosing their favorite players over the skill of the player. To me this doesn't phase me it just helps me work harder and become a better player. I will get the chance i deserve eventually when i prove myself. I am confident in myself and the way that i play that i will become a great ball player. I've been working hard this whole summer on my mechanics that i am confident that this season will be my season to shine.
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Jose Reyes

My Favorite Player, not only because the way he plays is phenomenal, but also because, him and my uncle are pretty much best friends. He used to live with my uncle in South Carolina when he came from the Dominican Republic, to play for the Triple A team called The Capital City Bomber. He had no where to live and my uncle was involved with the baseball program. So he met Jose and found out he had no where to live so he offered him to come live with him. Jose lived with my uncle until he had saved up enough money to support himself. Soon after he was drafted to the New York Mets. Jose and my uncle still keep in touch today, i am actually waiting for a phone call from him anytime soon now cause my uncle told him to give me a call because i was one of his biggest fans.