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I am so incredibly EXCITED you joined Origami Owl!!!

I wanted to drop by and welcome you and wish you much success during your journey with this amazing company! This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I should introduce myself :)

My name is Rochelle Britton Young, Senior Director and the 5th designer with Origami Owl. My mentor is Kristine Stevens, a Direct to Corporate Senior Director and the very first designer with Origami Owl. I started my journey with Origami Owl October 2011 and I've loved every minute of it. My two favorite things-helping my team and building lockets!

By now, you've probably heard lots of different names and quite possibly been added to several Facebook team pages. Yes, I have one too! It's filled with a plethora of documents, photos and tools to help you with your business. Join us, we would love to have you! To join, simply ask your mentor to add you or friend me on Facebook so I can add you.

My Facebook address is


Our team does have a dropbox containing great resources for your business also. Here is a link, just click the link

Team Drop Box

Be sure to always reach to your mentor for assistance, she/he is your go to person and is your best resource. Should your mentor be unable to assist you, she/he can go to their mentor for assistance. If you are unable to reach your mentor or unsure who your mentor is, don't hesitate to contact me so I can point you in the right direction. I'm here to help!

Have fun, share the O2 love and opportunity each day!