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Why does cancer need to be noticed?

With 80 different types of cancer and 14,483,830 patients, cancer awareness is vital. ”Cancer is the leading cause for death worldwide. An estimated count of deaths is about 30% of 8,200,000.”1 Cancer can start almost anywhere in the body starting with cells-of the trillions of cells you have. "Chemotherapy can be used to Kill cancer cells that may have already spread, Slow the cancer’s growth, Relieve symptoms caused by cancer, Shrink a tumor before surgery is done to remove it, Lower the risk of cancer coming back after surgery."2 Although chemo does stop the growth of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes. Chemo and surgery are the most common treatments. Other procedures is, Radiation, External radiation and implants. Unlike common inferences cancer is NOT contagious and cannot be spread from one human/animal to another. Women have a greater record of cancer patients than Men do by a good 730,630. Together we can help fund this great research. Thanks to the American cancer society 2 in every 3 cancer patients survive at least 5 years.


Positive: Join with the American cancer society and help those trying to fight for their lives. You can make a difference by donating to local hospitals to help improve the medical instruments and invite other people to join in our special mission.

Negative: 30% of 8,200,000 people die from sever cancer year. About 5% of that is due to lack of money in hospitals you can put this to rest by giving what isn't necessary for you and your family.