Fall Festivals

Important or Not ?

Fall Festivals

A question still lurks through citizen’s minds each and every fall season and that is, is a fall festival still important to a community? In most citizens opinions they believe that fall festivals are still important because it brings joy to them and brings the community together. As stated in the article by National Geographic, “The hosts shared their meal of partridge, wild turkey, and fish with the Massasoit and Wampanoag Native American tribes.” Therefore, this shows that when a fall festival was held with the Native Americans and pilgrims it brought two groups of people from different places and backgrounds together in one.

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In the photo: Lighting the Pumpkin by Eugene Iverd it depicts two kids in costumes happily lighting a jack-o-lantern with big smiles on their faces. Furthermore, this picture is displaying two children participating in a fall festival and is bringing joy to them on Halloween night. In conclusion, fall festivals are still stated as important by many citizens because it brings joy to them and the community.


Sara-Grace Harjo and Lilia Mendez