the element that i chose

the element name, symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass

*the element name is titanium

*the symbol is Ti

*the atomic number is 22

*the atomic mass is 47.867

metal, nonmetal, or metalloid, physical properties, and uses of element

*it's a metal

*it has a low density at 4.54

*it's quite ductile

*its color is lustrous white

*it has a high luster

*it has a very high melting point

*conducts electricity





*smoke screens


*titanium jewelry like wedding rings, bands, and watches, etc.

where is it found and 5 interesting facts

*it is always found in igneous rocks

*it's also found in coal, ash, plants, and in the human body

*its a song

*its boiling point is 3287.0 Celsius

*its twice as strong as aluminum

*its as strong as steel but 45% lighter

*titanium is used in medical procedures because its non toxic and non reactive in the human body