Cinderella vs Yea-shen

to find out what the same?


cinderella is a girl with a fairy godmother

yea-shen is a girl with a magical fish

getting married

yea-shen get married to a king

cinderella get married to a prince


Well in cinderella there the Evil step sisters,the Evil stepmom.

and in yea-shen there the Evil mom the fish


cinderella ball,house,

yea-shen house,

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cinderella can be read if you want at the sitez elemecher library

so read cinderella it is the greates book alive :D so get it now


get yea-shen AT THE LIBRARY

why is cinderella a lesson

  • be hard working to get some you wish for
  • never be mean be nice
  • always have a friend with you
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why yea-shen is a lesson

  • if somthing go's south it always gets better
  • bleviele in your slef
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by rinoa

luna gonzales