Hannaford Career Center Newsletter

June 2021

Thank You PAHCC Faculty & Staff

It has been a challenging year on a number of fronts, but the faculty and staff of the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center have gone above and beyond to meet student needs, provide enriching learning opportunities, support student growth, and take care of each other. We couldn't ask for a more dedicated and professional group of individuals to make a career center successful. Thank you all!

We hope you have a wonderful summer filled with fun and rejuvenation. We look forward to another great school year beginning in late August.

Dana & Jay

Quarter 4 Outstanding Students

Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center students are selected by their instructors as outstanding students for the quarter based on their stellar academic performance and a strong commitment to our center-wide Habits of Work (empathy, respect, safety, collaboration, resilience, work ethic, and responsibility). Congratulations to all of our well-deserving students for quarter four of the 2020-2021 school year.

ART Performance - Isabella Bluteau (MAUHS)

ART Technical - Gabe Cotell (MUHS)

Automotive Technology 102 - Carson Syrell (MAUHS)

Automotive Technology 104 - Colby Pierro (MAUHS)

Civil Engineering & Architecture - Jocelyn Deering (MUHS)

Computer Science Principles - Nathaniel McVeigh (MUHS)

Construction Technology - Isaac Norris (MUHS)

Culinary Arts - Abby Bailey (MUHS)

Design & Illustration - Ashton Greenia (VUHS)

Diesel Power Technology 1 - Joshua Ramon (VUHS)

Diesel Power Technology 2 - Benjamin Boutin (CVUHS)

Engineering Design & Development - Marshall Sanchez (MUHS)

Human Services Fundamentals - Vanessa Brown (Adult)

Industrial Design & Fabrication - Ancel Coburn (MUHS)

Intro to Forest Science - Max Beasley (MUHS)

Introduction to STEM - Kaleb Huestis (MUHS)

Mechanical Science - AM - Joshua Barnes (Homeschool)

Mechanical Science - PM - Jonas McDermott (MUHS)

Medical Professions 1 - Isabelle Gilley (MAUHS)

Medical Professions 2 - Tucker Stearns (VUHS)

Plant & Animal Science - Jadyn Cram (MUHS)

Sustainable Agriculture 1 - Ryley Dubois (VUHS)

Sustainable Agriculture 2 - Bailey Farrell (MUHS)

Visual Communications - Kagen Besser-Jones (MUHS)

National Technical Honor Society

On June 7, 2021, thirty-one (31) students were inducted into the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center chapter of the National Technical Honor Society. NTHS’s mission is to honor student achievement and leadership in career and technical education, promote educational excellence, award scholarships and enhance career opportunities. The induction ceremony recognizes deserving technical center students and increases community awareness of the talents and abilities of the young people and adults who choose technical education pathways to a rewarding future.

NTHS advisor Brenda Logee conducted the ceremony and gave the address to the inductees. Second year NTHS members assisted in the ceremony: Karrie Ayer recited the Purpose of NTHS; Courtney Curler and Ashley Tierney performed the Candle Lighting Ceremony defining the 7 attributes of an NTHS member - Knowledge, Skill, Honesty, Service, Responsibility, Scholarship, Citizenship and Leadership; and Tucker Stearns lead the new inductees in reciting the NTHS Pledge. Program instructors Nick Cantrick (Construction Technology), Woody Danforth (Culinary), Lisa Rader (Design & Illustration), Ulti Danforth (Human Services), Kelley Mills (Sustainable Agriculture), and Director/Superintendent Dana Peterson presented students with their certificates. Brenda Logee presented the students with their honor cords. Eight 2nd year NTHS members were recognized with a 2nd year pin: Karrie Ayer, Abigail Bailey, Ember Comes, Courtney Curler, Mahaila Gosselin, Sydney Jewell, Tucker Stearns and Ashley Tierney. Business community partner EastView at Middlebury was inducted as an Honorary Member of the NTHS for their outstanding support of Career Center students in providing many years of valuable on site learning opportunities for students from the Culinary, Human Services, and Medical Professions programs. EastView chef David Merrill accepted the award from PHCC Culinary Instructor Woody Danforth. The ceremony was well attended by guests and followed by a reception of individually wrapped cookies made by PHCC Culinary Arts students. Congratulations to the following students.

Middlebury Union High School

Alex Bonavita, Human Services

Ainsley Busby, Medical Professions

Jocelyn Deering, Civil Engineering & Architecture

Reese Fitzgerald, Medical Professions

Benjamin Graham, Computer Science Principles

Nathaniel McVeigh, Computer Science Principles

Kyle Mitchell, Human Services

Isaac Norris, Construction Technology

Michael Plouffe, Sustainable Agriculture

Marshall Sanchez, Engineering Design & Development

Sam Warren, Construction Technology

Katherine Whipple, Sustainable Agriculture

Mount Abraham Union High School

Eliza Bent, Sustainable Agriculture

Kai Companion, Design & Illustration

Shea Cravens, Construction Technology

Madeline Donaldson, Civil Engineering & Architecture

Isabelle Gilley, Medical Professions

Jeb Orvis, Construction Technology

Evalin Pachman, ART Technical and Performance

Lucas Phillips, Construction Technology

Abigail Reen, Sustainable Agriculture

Hannah Zimmer, Design & Illustration

Otter Valley Union High School

Sydney Singh, ART Performance

Vergennes Union High School

Emma Campbell, Culinary Arts

Ryley Dubois, Sustainable Agriculture

Kate Gosliga, Sustainable Agriculture

Gabe Kadric, Construction Technology

Thomas Lawrence, Civil Engineering & Architecture

Nima Mehregan, Culinary Arts

Jeremiah Moulton, Construction Technology

Jarret Muzzy, Automotive Technology & Construction Technology

Celebration of Learning - June 3, 2021

On Thursday, June 3 from 10:00-2:15 the Career Center conducted its annual Celebration of Learning event to recognize all of the seniors who have participated in technical programs this year as well as those who completed their technical program. Eighty-nine (89) students were recognized during this year’s ceremony with 58 of them being program completers. When combined with family, faculty, staff and invited guests, we hosted over 250 people at our north campus facility in four smaller events throughout the day. All students received a certificate of participation and/or a certificate of program completion. Many students also earned a number of industry recognized credentials as well as dual enrollment credits. We also had yard signs for each senior to recognize their program participation.

It was certainly a day to be proud of our Career Center students. Many family members and guests were extremely grateful for the Career Center’s design and hosting of the event this year. I mentioned in my opening remarks that the day was overcast but the ceremony was filled with the radiance of hope and opportunity marked by the achievements and accomplishments of our students. Every technical program instructor was able to address each honoree personally and individually. By recognizing and addressing each student specifically, instructors underscored their interest in each one of our graduating students, and they also expressed their interest in seeing what the students will accomplish in the future with an invitation to have them remain in contact with us. It was truly a memorable event.

Dana Peterson

PAHCC Director/Superintendent

Congratulations to the following students:

ART Performance


Evalin Pachman

Phineas Peterson

Sydney Singh


Sarah Calvin

Amanda Cook

Sam Forbes

Andrew Lee

Jaime Portugal-Dunne

Rayven Roark

Serena Roberts

ART Technical


Gabriel Cotell

Maren Couture


Evalin Pachman

Automotive Technology


Keegan Curavoo

Colby Gile

Hunter Hall

Tucker LaBonte

Colby Lathrop

Colby Pierro


Jarret Muzzy

Connor Pouliot

Dylan Stearns

Civil Engineering & Architecture


Benjamin Graham


Thomas Lawrence

Charles Mraz

Construction Technology


Shea Cravens


Colin Bradford

Joshua Delgadillo

Gabriel Kadric

Jeremiah Moulton

Jarret Muzzy

Isaac Norris

Culinary Arts


Danniel Auclair

Abigail Bailey

Aidan Bowers

Emma Campbell

Nima Mehregan

Brandon Ronish


Michael Odell

Design & Illustration


Alyza Alger

Harriet Anderson

Lili Boe

Joshua Bullock

Kai Companion

Abigail Goodyear

Ashton Greenia

Burt Guran

Avery Husk

Tarah Poirier

Henry Wagner

Gwen Zeno

Hannah Zimmer

Diesel Power Technology


Benjamin Boutin

Matthew Fitzsimmons

Alexander Mencel

Orion Parsels

Jarod Richmond

Lucias Sheldrick


Adrien Gebo

Engineering Design & Development


Antonio Abdul Sater

Daniel Beach


Gabriel Payne-Vinick

Marshall Sanchez

Human Services


Delsie Farnsworth

Destiny Gero

Kyle Mitchell


Hailey Lynch

Industrial Design & Fabrication


Matthew DeMatties

Jacob Russell


Ethan Lynk

Medical Professions


Ember Comes

Jenna Day

Mahaila Gosselin

Sydney Jewell

Laura Lenz

Tucker Stearns

Ashley Tierney


Savannah Thomann

Natural Resource Management


Zachary Botala

Owen Farrell


Jack Chaput

Adin Girard

Hunter Morin

Maya Praamsma

Branden Reynolds

Sustainable Agriculture


Karrie Ayer

Courtney Curler

Bailey Farrell

Jonathan Flores-Torres

Collaboration Between Design & Illustration and Sustainable Agriculture Programs

Design & Illustration and Sustainable Agriculture students have begun to revamp the Garden Patch sandwich board that sits on the corner of Charles Avenue and Court Street in Middlebury. The sign is a herald of annual greenhouse plant sales for prospective customers.

Its additional purpose is to provide visibility and promotion of the Career Center. Students in both programs are pooling their expertise in advertising and design to create a new and improved sign for the Spring 2022 plant sale. Using a new tool called a Glowforge students laser cut acrylic letters, which will be better suited to resist the effects of the weather. The Glowforge was recently acquired through a Building Better Communities grant, funding from Collins Aerospace, and support from Fred Kenney at the Addison County Economic Development Corporation.

Additional Collaboration

For the first time ever, Aubuchon Hardware in Middlebury sold annual flowering plants, vegetables, and hanging baskets grown at the Career Center. Renee Audet Carpenter, Sustainable Agriculture alumnus, manages the store. She reached out to the Career Center to grow and merchandise plants at the Middlebury store. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Garden Patch plants would have only been available through the online sales site. This was an opportunity to access foot traffic to enhance in person plant sales.

The mutually beneficial relationship between students in Sustainable Agriculture and Plant & Animal Science, and Aubuchon Hardware, generated a record year in sales for the Garden Patch. This enhanced student learning in planning, growing a crop, marketing, merchandising, and sales in a lucrative business model.

All parties are looking forward to this collaboration next year. We're also hopeful to a return to in-person sales in the Garden Patch augmented by an online presence with curbside pickup.

Special thanks to Renee and her staff at Aubuchon Hardware in Middlebury.

Design & Illustration Program Helps With Costumes for Spotlight Vermont Performamces

Thank you to our Design & Illustration instructor (Lisa Rader) and her students for designing and silkscreening the t-shirts used in four different student dance performances for Spotlight Vermont. The students in the dance performances have been practicing since the end of the winter for their final shows that happened June 1st and 5th at the Vergennes Opera House.

PAHCC Student Profile - Construction Technology

What convinced you to sign up for a program at the Career Center?

I was really interested in the subjects. I took computer science my junior year and construction technology my senior year because I'm really interested in both areas. I learned about the courses through my school counselor and by reading the course catalog for school.

What did you learn by doing a Co-op?

I learned what it is like to be out in the field. On a job site you have to be more precise because you are making something for a customer. In the classroom or the lab at school, you're there to learn, so it is different. The best part about Co-op was meeting and getting to know people who actually do the kind of work that you'll be going into.

What did you learn about yourself by doing Co-op?

I learned that I really like a job with options. One of the companies I worked with gave me lots of different situations on different days and I enjoyed having different options.

What are your plans for the future?

I plan to work in construction. I have a job with one of the companies where I had Co-op and start two days after graduation. I also think I might like to learn more about plumbing or electrical work at some point.

Student - Isaac N

Interviewer - Len Schmidt (PAHCC Co-op Coordinator)

PAHCC Student Profile - Sustainable Agriculture

Courtney C talks with Len Schmidt about her experiences at the career center and in her co-op. Watch the interview here.

Plans After High School for Senior Career Center Students

Congratulations to the following PAHCC students!

  • Josh Bullock (Design & Illustration - MUHS) - attending Southern Utah University (fall 2022)

  • Destiny Gero (Human Services - MUHS) - recently hired as a Center Teacher at five-star, NAEYC-accredited College Street Children's Center in Middlebury

  • Kyle Mitchell (Human Services - MUHS) - attending Utica College

  • Hailey Lynch (Human Services - VUHS) - attending Northern Vermont University

  • Colin Bradford (Construction Technology - MUHS) - working in construction or landscaping

  • Jarret Muzzy (Construction Technology, Automotive Technology - VUHS) - attending Vermont Technical College for Construction Management

  • Jeremiah Moulton (Construction Technology - VUHS) - Employed at White Ridge Construction and enrolling in Construction Management at Vermont Technical College Fall 2022

  • Isaac Norris (Construction Technology - MUHS) - Employed at Silver Maple Construction

  • Gabriel Kadric (Construction Technology, VUHS) - Employed at Smith and McClain and enrolling in an Electrician Apprenticeship program at Vermont Technical College

  • Joshua Delgadillo (Construction Technology, VUHS) - Enlisted in the United States Army

  • Shea Cravens (Construction Technology, MAUSD) - Employed at Bristol Electronics

International Baccalaureate Career-related Programme Update

We are excited to announce that Patricia A. Hannaford Regional Technical School District is a candidate school* for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Career-related Programme (CP). We are pursuing authorization as an IB World School. IB World Schools share a common philosophy - a commitment to high-quality, challenging, international education - that we believe is important for our students.

Several staff members will be participating in workshops in the next few months including Leading the Learning, Business Management, Design Technology, Language & Literature, Personal and Professional Skills, Reflective Project, Counseling, and a full faculty training in August for Understanding the CP. Head of School, IB Coordinator, and Approaches to Teaching and Learning workshops have already been completed.

Exciting new opportunities can be announced after authorization. Look for more information in future newsletters.

For further information about the IB and its programmes visit http://www.ibo.org. If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Pratt, IB CP Coordinator, at 802-382-1006 or wpratt@pahcc.org.

*Only schools authorized by the IB Organization can offer any of its four academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the Diploma Programme (DP), or the Career-related Programme (CP). Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorization will be granted.

PAHCC Alumni News

The Career Center would like to congratulate Brook Rubright (Design & Illustration Program alumna) on her new position as the Outreach Coordinator for the Chamber & Economic Development of the Rutland Region (CEDRR)! Congratulations, Brooke!